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Ilsa Comte Adair MS, LMFT
“Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.” ― Alan Cohen
About Ilsa

 “My art is largely made up of my pain; re-framed, redesigned and re-purposed. It's a mutually beneficial experience for both the creator and the beholder.
Transformative healing is a beautiful process.”
- Jaeda DeWalt



Since the earliest time I can remember, the deeper aspects of life always intrigued me. As a child and teenager I was an avid reader, always wanting to find answers to the big questions: “why are we here?”; “who am I really?”; “why do people seem so unhappy?”; “how do we create peace?”;“what would make life easier?”; “What is really true?”. I delved deeply into philosophy, spirituality and finally psychology to find my answers.

Having studied and personally explored the process of personal healing and transformation for over twenty years on my own and over ten years with clients from all walks of life, I bring an abundance of professional and personal Knowledge and wisdom to my work. My life-long search for Truth and transformation, has led me to discover that healing, peace and happiness is always available in every moment and for every person. Outside of writing, my work now focuses on helping people find their own way back to their essential Wholeness. Through open discussions, potent inquiries and deep explorations, I guide and support people in releasing and integrating all the limitations, pain and traumas that keep them bound, while helping them to rediscover their Essence and reclaim their most authentic Self.

Over the years, I have worked with many teachers and mentors to deepen my own experience as well as to develop my skills as a therapist and mentor. Spiritually and therapeutically, I have been greatly influenced by
Joan Ruvinsky and Richard Miller and their teachings in non-dual work and the release of trauma, by Rupert Spira’spoetic Wisdom, Adyashanti’s no nonsense clarity, June Konopka’s embodiment teachings and her invaluable guidance in learning to listen and connect to the wisdom of the body, Jeff Foster and his teaching on radical openness and acceptance and lastly to Richard Sann and his heartfelt and compassionate presence.

I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and spent my childhood in the South of France. I moved to South Florida with my Family in 1993. I received a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Miami and my Master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Colorado as well as Florida, and work mostly with adults on many different areas of support in the mental health and spiritual field.  I live with my husband, Patrick, and our two dogs, in Boulder, CO. I work with people face to face locally, over the phone or through Skype. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question about me or my work.



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