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Ilsa Comte Adair MS, LMFT
“Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.” ― Alan Cohen
Events & Satsang
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, 
but in having new eyes.” 
- Marcel Proust

Workshops, Groups and Satsang on how to be Wide Awake to your own Wisdom and Wholeness and live Wide Open, Intimately and Fearlessly connected to yourself and to life are offerred throughout the year. To join my mailing list and get updates on groups, workshops and satsang, as well as my monthly newsletter, please press here.

The Inward Quest

Live Wide Awake & Wide Open - Discover your Essence, Reclaim your Peace and Ignite your Joy.

In these meetings, Self-Discovery meets Self-Expression on the Path to Transformation, Emotional Freedom Wholeness. Contact me directly to know when our next meeting is.

These are meetings of friends who gather together because we love we love Life (Satsang) and want to live it to its fullest. The aim of these meetings is to authentically come together to hear, express, and discover who we are beyond our confusion and conditioning, and to reclaim the innate Peace, Joy and freedom that is always already available to us under our drama and our disruptive and divisive mind.

This dynamic work is about living wide awake and wide open - Fearless, Free, in Flow and Whole.The focus of our discussions and explorations is on direct experience and what is alive in us in this moment rather than on ideas, opinions or stories.

In these meetings, through guided explorations, self-inquiry, meditation, Embodied Awareness Practices and open discussions, we unravel our faulty and limiting beliefs, release our past wounds and learn to stay present without evading or being invaded by our lives. Through this process we realize our Authentic Self, the Infinite Presence that we are and ignite our intrinsic Peace, Happiness and Emotional Freedom.

Together, we explore a new paradigm that transcends concepts of limitation and separation. In this space we come to the root of our suffering, relinquish our struggles and rest in the Presence of effortless Being. This meeting is an opportunity to let go of our busy lives, our even busier minds and our painful past and turn within to meet ourselves at our deepest and most essential level.

These meetings are appropriate and open to new and experienced meditators alike and to people who are new to the spiritual path, as well as seasoned spiritual seekers. Years of practice are not required to Awaken to our true Nature, all we need is a willingness to be truly present and radically open.

This group is for you if you want to...

Truly discover who you are beyond your pain, drama and conditioning.

• Investigate, heal, and release past pain and trauma.

• Navigate gracefully through difficult emotions without being invaded or evading.

• Dismantle beliefs, stories and judgments that keep you stuck and stressed and transcend what constricts and limits you.

• Reclaim your intrinsic Freedom, Peace and spontaneity and deepen your lived experience.

 Learn to live life in the Now, without running from the past, resisting this present moment or chasing some better future.

• Discover what you long for and find ways to ignite passion and purpose.

• Explore your deepest desires and greatest fears.

• Meet your edge and speak your truth.

• Live Wide Awake to your own wisdom, clarity and creativity.

• Live Wide Open to all of life, intimately and fearlessly. 

• Or simply find support in dealing effectively with a painful and emotionally exhausting life situation.

Our main purpose is to create a safe place to allow each other to explore and express what is True in this instant, shed what is no longer needed and become open to the fullness of our experience.

Our meetings are held in the spirit and wisdom of many contemporary teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, Jeff Foster, Adyashanti, Michael Singer, Byron Katie and Gangaji to name a few.

Some of the books our discussions are based on are The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, Consciousness is All by Peter Francis Dziuban , Falling in Love with where you are and The Deepest Acceptance by Jeff Foster, Beyond The Storm: A Guide to Emotional Freedom and the Peace that is Always Already Here by Ilsa Comte Adair (myself), The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin by Wu Hsin and Roy Melvyn and last but not least The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

Come join a group of like-minded people, all willing to journey together down the rabbit hole and fall in love with themselves, in all that they are and with life in all that it is.

The explorations, Practices, discussions and the support of everyone involved make Group Work a most potent space for healing and rediscovering your Wholeness.

A $10 to $20 investment based on what you can contribute is requested to help pay for the space and the cost associated with running this group. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

The work that is done in our groups is Psycho-Spiritual in nature. For more detail on what I mean by that please take a look at the "Wide Awake & Wide Open" tab under Counseling & Mentoring. The purpose of each group is to allow whatever is bubbling inside us to come up to the surface to be explored, embraced, restored and integrated.

For more information on Group Work please visit the "Group Work" tab under Counseling & Mentoring.

To know when our next meeting or workshop is, please contact me directly by email.


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