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Ilsa Comte Adair MS, LMFT
“Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.” ― Alan Cohen
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Wide Awake & Wide Open - A Psycho-Spiritual Approach
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Individual & Relationship Work


 "I think and think and think, I‘ve thought myself out of happiness one
million times, but never once into it.” 
Jonathan Safran Foer

Working with Anger

If you wish to be a more patient and peaceful person and let go of anger, frustration, resentment and judgment, I can guide you there.

Working with Anxiety

If you wish to let go of the parts of you that worry, are afraid or need to plan incessantly, I can help you discover the parts of you that are always already confident, at peace and content.

Working with Relationships and Conflict

If you wish to be a more loving mate or parent, a more skillful communicator, I can help you hone those skills.

Working with Stress and Life's Challenges

If you wish to let go of stress and find effective and successful ways to be and grow in the world, we will explore potent, efficient and practical ways to deal with life's difficulties calmly and confidently.  

Habits and goals and success are just details. The tip of a deep iceberg. What matters is the foundation, the stillness bellow the surface. The truth inside. 
Living it, the rest is a natural byproduct.” 
- Kamal Ravikant

Our Work Together - A Return to Wholeness

If you and I were to work together, my role would be that of a guide and mentor. Through deep listening, pertinent and pointed questions, guided explorations and Self-inquiries, I would help you locate your own personal answers and your own key to healing and fulfillment. Self-inquiry and self-exploration are the foundation upon which the path to authentic expression, peace and freedom is built. In working together we would:

• Heal past unresolved pain.

• Investigate and undo beliefs, mental positions and emotions that no longer serve you.  

• Heal, educate and integrate the parts of you that are lost, afraid, stuck or confused.

• Find effective ways to resolve conflict and deal with life's challenges.

• Discover and reclaim the Self in you that is eternally at peace, resourceful and free.

• Learn to live as that Self, at peace and in open intimacy with yourself and all of life.

Therapy and Transformation The Process 

Here are some common threads that seem to run through my sessions:

• Together we question the stories, beliefs and thought patterns that rule your life.
We investigate:   1. Whether these stories and beliefs are actually true.   2. Whether they are still useful.  3. Who you are without them and whether they support the direction of your evolution and unfolding.

Together we explore knots and aspects within you that are wounded, still stuck in past hurt and trauma. We discover these parts, connect with them intimately and release anything that no longer serves you.

Together we work on staying present with your emotions and your life without reacting, rejecting or repressing. You learn to live without being invaded by or evading what bothers you, only then can you heal, find effective responses and be free of stress.

 Finally throughout the sessions, you will be guided to explore and discover the part of you that is always already at peace, whole and free, and engage this Self into your life, so as to live a harmonious, abundant and joyful life, regardless of what life throws your way.

Igniting and reclaiming your best Self

All practices are meant to lead to a new understanding of oneself and the world, which then leads to new attitudes and a new way of life. Through this deep and rewarding work, you would find and ignite the person that deep down you know yourself to be. Your best self already exist and all it takes to find it is a little work and some skillful guidance. I look forward to being your guide on this worthwhile journey.


"Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness a story."
- Leo Tolstoy

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